Monday, June 2, 2014

Seasonal novelties

Sometimes, as I've noted before, I write for my January self.

I think back to how winter walks were spent with shoulders scrunched up to brace myself against snow, wind and cold. In these first few warmer weeks, I amble around the neighborhood and take stock of how much more relaxed these walks are.

Soon, my awareness of contrasts like that will likely fade (at least a little). Before they do, I'll jot down a few of this season's novelties - not because they're particularly unique or surprising, but for my January self:

1) No surprise with this one, right? Our garden. I planted everything one week ago today, and when I arrived at the garden plot today after a weekend away, I saw that the purple beans were already three inches tall! I watched this process happen last year, of course, and I'm hoping that the sight of plants soon won't be such a novelty. But for now: still a small thrill.

2) The farmers' market. Minnesota's farmers' markets are underway, and while this is far from a summer-only activity, the markets' natural time to boom is summer. I stopped by a market this weekend to pick up a spearmint plant to keep on our patio.

At this time of year, the focus is on plants. Among the flowers for sale:

3) The grill. Again, far from a summer-only activity, but iconic on these warm evenings. We fired ours up this weekend for the first time this year (for caprese sandwiches) so my head is full of ideas now.

Wish's head is also full of ideas regarding the grill.

4) The patio. As the temperatures heat up, I tend to think of our patio less often. Right now being able to sit outside is a much-appreciated novelty, and I'm planning to remember that feeling farther into the summer. (Eating lunch outside also goes in this category.)

5) And of course: watermelon (and, soon, the rest of the summer-specific fruit).

(Wish fits well into our household. He loves watermelon, too.)

What would you write down for your January self?

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