Friday, September 12, 2014

In between seasons

As the forecast earlier in the week suggested, that cool and rainy weather did arrive. Josh and I went for a walk before work one morning and I saw these pretty raindrops piled on leaves.

It's not the heart of autumn by any means—I haven't started making soups yet and warmer weather will be back in the week ahead—but I have worn a fall jacket and I am making some sort of baked caprese pasta for dinner tonight, which I imagine to be a nod to both the fading season and the upcoming one.

One definitely wonderful aspect of these cooler temperatures: running in them. I'm lacing up my shoes for 10 miles tomorrow morning with Molly, and with the temperature at the start will be hovering around 40 degrees, which is just about my favorite running weather. No time goals for me—I'll be happy when I cross the finish line. I'm excited to start Saturday with one of my favorite local races.

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