Thursday, April 3, 2014

Art on a snowy evening

Tonight Sara took me to the Matisse exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. On loan from the Baltimore Museum of Art, it's a massive collection of prints, paintings and sculptures from a career that spanned six decades. I did not know much about Matisse before we went, and I was still struck by how much I learned about the artist, his process, and all of the context behind his art (as well as the Baltimore sisters who amassed a large collection of Matisse's work during the Gilded Age). This exhibit runs through mid-May, and I do recommend it.

After the exhibit, we went outside and learned that the freezing rain has switched over completely to snow. It's true that it did look more like December than April - but it made for a pretty walk back to the car.

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  1. I notice you didnt mention our INTELLIGENT and CRITICAL art conversations