Friday, August 8, 2014

Little frog

"Little frog" is one of Wish's nicknames, but in this post, I am referring to an actual little frog.

I spent the afternoon with my mom, and before she gave me a haircut (thank you, Mom!), we ate lunch and walked around her garden. Because my parents moved to a new home last fall, this is her first summer with this garden, and in that short time she has utterly transformed the yard space. I was in awe. I would love to someday have even a tenth of the green thumb talents that she has.

Here she is, in front of an arbor, waving a cucumber:

We were taking lots of peeks at individual plants and talking about each one. About halfway through my tour, at the same time, we both noticed the tiniest frog nestled on a leaf.

A bustling garden is lovely both in the big picture and the small details.

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