Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday report

I'm checking in with two tidbits of good news:

1) We went to a wonderful wedding last night in Minneapolis. It was big--maybe 300 people?--but the bride and groom made it feel very personal, and there were tons of family and friends and love and good spirits. There were also tons of friends from our alma mater, which Josh and I share with the bride and also the groom's parents.  We went to a small college where it was easy sometimes to grouch about feeling like everyone knows your business.  But the upside of spending four years in a close-knit community is that the ties are so close-knit.  It makes these weddings so much fun, like a college reunion weekend.  A lot of us still live in the Twin Cities, but many others live all over the world, so it is extra-special for everyone to see so many people at a wedding like this. 

I mean, check out the picture below of alumni in attendance.  I think there were easily 45 alumni there, including some friends who missed the photo.

2) This feels like the best kind of Sunday so far. I found a recipe for baked ziti with summer vegetables while flipping through Cooking Light this morning and set off to gather ingredients, stopping first to wander around the farmer's market in downtown St. Paul to get basil and then over to the less-mellow Super Target for the rest. Upon return, I sat down to read the Sunday paper. Some movement by the window caught my eye, and I looked over to see this sight.  The nerve!

Originally, I was going to classify this as bad news, seeing this animal's devil-may-care attitude so boldly exhibited on the window well's ledge.  But I decided that it counts as good news, since if he's munching on hamburger buns that were apparently strewn around the backyard by someone, it means my mint and basil are safe for now!!

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