Friday, June 10, 2011

This weekend

In the name of accountability, I am posting this afternoon to note that Josh and I will attempt our first home-related project this weekend (well, besides actually moving).  We had the good fortune of coming into a patio furniture set this weekend--not new, but new-to-us.  We love it for lots of reasons, but it needs a new coat of paint.  The trouble is that we are not real fussy and are sort of content to just lounge in it on our patio rather than renovate it.  On the first night we got the furniture and ate dinner outside, the sky looked like this:

Here is the furniture now:

You will note Josh sitting in the upper-right corner of the photo
and a small cameo by my pot of basil, too.
And next time I talk about it, it will be black!  I think.  Wish us luck.

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