Monday, September 23, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 38

Back to Marvelous Monday!

Our Tennessee Volunteers could not pull off an upset at Florida on Saturday, but it was a good weekend just the same that included dinner with friends, two long walks, and two kinds of salsa. (Hi, oodles of tomatillos!)

1) It's barely fall, but it's officially time for me to hereby resolve to assemble more meals in the slow cooker. I started my favorite pulled pork recipe this morning before work, and by the time I stopped by home over lunch, it smelled so good that I was very excited for the rest of the day. (And then dinner was basically ready when I got home from work!)

2) On a related note, yesterday I read through Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless, and it's full of marvelous recipes, some of which are slow cooker-friendly. I can't wait to cook my way through this book.

3) I got to hold the sweetest four-day-old baby yesterday. Her parents were dancing at our wedding 10 days ago, and when we turned on our cell phones on Thursday after our trip, we got the marvelous word that she had arrived. Welcome to this world, Baby!

4) I am also excited for a friend who started a new job today.

5) The Monday sky was big and blue and full of beautiful cirrus clouds.

How about your Monday, Reader? Are you starting any new chapters, large or small, literal or figurative? Any books to recommend? And what's your favorite cookbook?

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