Friday, September 6, 2013

Ode to the ferocious tomato

I thought the garden was settling down for the fall. I was wrong!

Well, except for the green beans and cucumbers. To be clear: those are definitely done (and sad-looking).

But all three tomato plants (and at least two pepper plants, plus the herbs) are still singing. This summer, with amusement, I've watched the cherry tomato plant slowly but tenaciously try to take over the entire plot. Yesterday I was inspecting our poblano pepper plant, several feet away from the cherry tomato plant, and saw a small little cherry tomato vine marching up the poblano plant's stake. That thing is out of control, and I love it.

Here's my favorite find from our garden this week:

I didn't even like tomatoes until I started college, and I don't really eat fresh ones in the winter, so I can't imagine my life's tomato consumption total is very high. I think I might have matched that total with this summer's crop. Yum. The summer of tomatoes.

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