Sunday, March 30, 2014

Morning light

Early yesterday morning, I brought Josh to the airport and started my run as the sky was getting light.

The city was quiet and still in my early miles. I made my way over to the St. Paul skyline in time to see the sun actually lift over the horizon, one orange sliver at a time. In Minnesota's capital city, it reminded me of the peaceful sunrises in the Great Smoky Mountains and the Boundary Waters.

Through downtown St. Paul, that golden light was bouncing off the buildings, too.

On one bridge overlooking the Mississippi River, I noticed that what looked like debris in the water was actually patches of snow and ice floating downstream: another sign of spring.

I wanted to get a closer look, so I ran down to the bike path you can see in the picture above.

Total: 11 gentle miles on a quiet morning in early spring.

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