Monday, March 24, 2014

Snoopy's doghouse

One of the highlights of Saturday's run (besides seeing frozen Minnehaha Falls) was seeing my new favorite Snoopy doghouse, part of St. Paul's extensive collection of "Peanuts" statues. (The comic strip's author, Charles Schulz, grew up in St. Paul, and "Peanuts" debuted in the local papers here.)

This one, in front of Half Price Books in Highland Park, is called "It was a dark and stormy night."

Besides being really striking (and featuring clouds), I loved it because the walls are designed to look built from books, and each author's name on the book spine has been reworked to be dog-themed.

That means: Bark Twain, F. Scott Spitzgerald, St. Bernard Shaw, Virginia Woof, JK Growling and John Steinbark, among others.

I've likely driven by this little doghouse dozens of times, but it's really intended to be fully appreciated by pedestrians. I stopped midrun and must have stood there for two minutes laughing at the reworked names.

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