Monday, March 10, 2014

Marvelous Monday: Week 10

First, a weekend report: I volunteered at a TCM race over at Lake Harriet, watched "Casablanca," got a haircut (thank you, Mom!), stopped at a local bakery with her for pastries, took Wish for a long walk and did some spring cleaning (thank you, Martha Stewart Living!).

Here's a view from our walk:

And here's a peek at the Lake Harriet bandshell's seating area (also known as benches without benches). The days of summer concerts seem far away, but this view might look a lot different today after a couple of days with temperatures well above freezing (read on for more details!).

Now: it's Monday. My friends are still waiting for their baby's arrival over in Washington, D.C. Come on, baby!

1) Josh has been traveling for work and came home on Sunday! Wish and I went to pick him up at the airport, and on the way home, we stopped at Chipotle and Josh ran in to pick up dinner. You could tell that Wish thought he was gone again, just moments after our happy reunion.

Of course, Josh returned with Chipotle and then Wish's only problem is that we didn't share with him.

2) It's the warmest day since mid-November!!! 51 degrees? 52? The specifics don't matter. It was wonderful, especially around the noon hour, when the sun was shining.

3) This afternoon Molly and I met up for a run. It was plenty warm enough to take her baby boy out with us in the baby jogger. He wore a very cute little fleece bear suit and the three of us covered five miles together. I wore shorts for a run outside for the first time in months. We saw someone driving a convertible with its top down. It was great.

4) I keep meaning to mention this around here: I am loving my five-year journal that Lindsay told me about awhile back.

5) I am trying out a new decade this week. Hello, 30!

What's marvelous about the start of your week? What are you cooking, reading, eating, watching this week? If you are in the Midwest, how are you celebrating this heat wave? And do you love Chipotle like we do?


  1. Casablanca!!! (Don't tell me if you didn't like it, it would break my heart. One of my very favorites.)

  2. It's not this week but last week when it was snowy and Mike was sick, we watched the first four Rocky movies, one each night.

    And I'm not cooking anything because my in-laws are in town and that means no cooking!!

    1. All four!! That is amazing. Do you have DVDs or were they on Netflix? I don't think I've actually ever seen any of them!

  3. A baby in a fleece bear suit is cute too, but at first I misunderstood that Wish was in said fleece bear suit and I was like, no pictures?!?!?

  4. Wish is so photogenic and your captions make me chortle. -SJ