Friday, July 15, 2011

6:03 a.m.

Oh, let me be clear: the sound of an alarm clock heralding an early morning run can be practically painful.

But as soon as I throw on my gear, half-asleep, and start the trot around my neighborhood, I am often rewarded with a sunrise like this one cooking on the horizon.  The best part about this morning's scene is that now, an hour and a half later, the sky is overcast, with storms on the way.  The sunrise feels like my little secret--although I guess I share it with the woman walking her dog who saw me, midrun, snapping photos like a maniac. 

Today was seven miles, gently, because tomorrow's long run with my club is going to be h-o-t and I'll need all the energy reserves I can get. I am armed with a watermelon, which I do not plan to carry during the run but do plan to have cut up and waiting in my refrigerator when I get home.

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