Monday, February 10, 2014

Marvelous Monday: Week 6

This weekend included volunteering at the Valentine's Day TC 5K at Lake Harriet, a few Friday Night Lights episodes, pad thai, the hot air balloons and the annual White Elephant birthday party with my extended family. My parents host it, and this year was the first at their new house. It was a great afternoon (with a Mardi Gras inspiration to boot - credit my brother for the idea!).

Here is our traditional waving photo. My brother is hiding behind my husband's hand.

I keep laughing whenever I look back at this photo. Recapping this party might have to be a separate post.

Five more nice tidbits to begin the week:

1) I get to see some dear friends later this week and am so excited.

2) I've had the ingredients for no-boil macaroni and cheese since Friday and finally made it for dinner tonight. I like this recipe a lot.

3) This week includes both Valentine's Day and my sister's birthday!

4) My mom lent me The Language of Flowers yesterday. It was perfect timing, because I was just about to look for a new book.

5) I read today that this winter in Minnesota has been the coldest one in 32 years. The marvelous part: beginning tomorrow, the temperatures are climbing upward!

What's marvelous about the beginning of your week? What's for dinner tonight (or later this week)? And what are you reading now?

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