Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Midweek update

Wow - this week is flying. Here are a few updates (all from today):
  • I received a clean and cavity-free bill of health from the dentist today. Whew.
  • Today it was 40 degrees and I ran two miles with Wish and three more on my own. The part with Wish was slow going because he hates puddles, so he would gingerly and disdainfully try to avoid them at all costs (which didn't work out well, considering that our route was about 70 percent puddles). It was still nice to get outside with him - and really nice to not have to wear gloves or any kind of hat or headband!
  • Tonight: the monthly craft night I've been doing with a few friends. This month's installment included more crafting than usual (with the Olympics on in the background), pizza and a bundt cake. I also got to see our friends' baby as well as one of the sweetest bulldogs I could ever hope to meet.
That's a good, full Wednesday. It felt great to get out before the snow flies again tomorrow.

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