Thursday, July 17, 2014

A walk with Wish

How has it already been two full days since the All-Star Game?

We are returning to our regular routines, and I think the dog is pleased. Yesterday was R&R at home - I'm taking some vacation this week - and today I took Wish for a morning walk around Como Lake. I love walking him there: besides the pup loving the change in scenery, it's great for training because it's always busy (so he can practice and be rewarded for good behavior) but not too crowded.

We usually go in the afternoons, so it was neat to see the lake in the morning.

Wish was zigzagging all over the path at the start - I think he was trying to smell both sides of the trail at once - but settled into a more even and moderate trot soon enough. Near the end of our loop, we sat down for a little break. It seemed like a good time for a picture.

I got up and watched the lake and wildflowers for a minute. Then I looked down and saw that my dog was hamming it up in hopes of getting a treat.

I love the little adventures with this goofball.

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