Monday, July 14, 2014

All-Star Game and other notes

I love this. After yesterday's post about plant nostalgia, my mom went into the photo albums and found this one of the three of us standing next to the vegetable garden:

Today's nostalgia is linked to the All-Star Game festivities in Minneapolis today and tomorrow. I loved the All-Star Game (along with every other baseball game) growing up, and if I could tell my childhood self that one day she'd get the chance to attend the All-Star Game in Minnesota with her dad and brother and husband, she would've been bouncing off the walls. I will have those experiences - listening to games on WCCO radio until I fell asleep, talking through the American League standings with my dad and grandpa - in my heart this week when I'm walking around the beautiful stadium and cheering for Justin Morneau in the Home Run Derby and watching this era's All-Stars on the field. I am so excited.

Five more notes to begin the week:

1) There is some incredibly unseasonable weather swooping into Minnesota today, during what is typically the warmest week of the year here. I read this morning that today's record low maximum temperature is 68, set back in 1884 - and today's predicted high is just 63!

Earlier this spring, I got what appeared to be red paint smudges across the back of my bought-in-September white fleece jacket. After sending it through the washer and dryer, not only was the stain still there, but I had unknowingly and dramatically reduced the chances of being able to remove it. I did not have high hopes, but with nothing to lose (and a warm jacket to gain if anything worked), I tried a couple of remedies this weekend. I think credit officially goes to a couple of OxiClean spot treatments and soaks (followed by a cycle in the washer) that lifted probably 95 percent of the stain out of the white fleece. I was very surprised and very relieved, and now I will be able to wear my cozy jacket to tonight's Home Run Derby. (And warmer temperatures and sunny skies are predicted for tomorrow's All-Star Game!)

2) I saw this flower patch on a walk this weekend and it made me laugh because it reminded me of a class picture from elementary school, the ones you'd take on the risers.

3) I harvested the first vegetables from the garden yesterday - just a handful of purple beans, but a harvest all the same.

4) Over the weekend, my brother and I drove up to my grandma's town to participate in the Pork Chop Trot for the third year in a row. (It's a tradition now!) Without any speedwork or training plans lately, I didn't have any time-related goals for this 5K race, but I was pretty happy with my effort and pacing (with the exception of a finishing kick that started a little too early due to me forgetting one curve on the course). As I've written in past recaps, this race is one of my favorites on the running calendar because of its proximity to my grandma's house (we visit after the race) and the total change in scenery. I toted my camera along in hopes of getting a photo of my favorite part of the course - a one-lane dirt path cut through cornfields - but was working pretty hard by that point and decided not to pause for a picture.

But my brother and I did pause for a picture after we'd finished the race! (I switch to flip flops within minutes of crossing a finish line.)

5) Thanks to my mom, I introduced some climbing beans into my garden plot this year, and I'm so glad.

I hope your week starts out well!


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  2. You guys were / are the cutest!!!!! -e/f