Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A beloved cast of characters

It's lunchtime on Wednesday, so the countdown begins!  In 48 hours, I will be in the presence of three wonderful women, all four of us together for the first time since college graduation in 2006.  We've orchestrated two-person and three-person reunions, but somehow one of us is always missing and we fall short of a quartet: Tahoe 2007 (sans Ellie), New Year's Eve 2008 (sans Nat), and Austin 2010 (sans me).  

This occasion is an exceptionally special one: as you may know from previous posts this month, Nat is getting married!  Emily and Ellie arrive on the West Coast tonight, and I'm flying in Friday morning.  We are bridesmaids, we are over the moon, and we can barely contain ourselves.

How could I have made it so long without all of these goofballs?

When I dug up that picture, I found this one, too.  Almost all of these people will also be at the wedding this weekend!

I met Em and Ellie and Nat eight years ago almost to the day, in cross-country preseason before our sophomore year of college. I don't think it's possible now to replicate friendships as close as the ones we had in college: when we ate nearly every meal together, when I could track down any of them within 100 yards of my dorm room that year. They are a huge part of my college experience. We graduated together, too!

Now we hold down four different time zones.  But not this weekend!  Ooh, it's going to be great.

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