Friday, August 26, 2011

A full Thursday

Two years in a row makes it a tradition!

Yesterday, Grandma and I had our annual date to a Twins game.  We had originally chosen a game last month, but the mercury soared to 100 degrees that day, and we made the wise decision of postponing.  Yesterday was glorious: about 78 degrees, with a gentle occasional breeze.  We were also in the shade.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.

(A brief sidenote: the day actually started off on a sour note before it turned wonderful.  I was enjoying the beautiful morning on my run and was three miles away from home when a root on Summit Avenue's dirt path got the best of me.  I tripped, flew through the air not gracefully, and landed in what must have been a dirt patch, because a cloud of dust covered me.  I scraped up my palms and knees and generally dented my right side, but the only serious wound was to my pride.  Let it be known that I saw about three cars for the entire run until that point, when about a dozen cars drove slowly by me as I was literally brushing myself off.  Josh tried frequently through the day to get me to admit that I tripped because I was distracted by a dog sighting.  I will deny this forever.)

Anyway, I drove up 94 to pick up Grandma, and for about 25 miles of the trip, there were periodic road signs warning Helicopter work ahead.  Huh?!  I saw no evidence of this on the trip's first leg.  On the way back to Target Field, though, lo and behold, we spotted helicopters flying very low and stringing power linesWhoa.

We got to Target Field without incident, helicopter or otherwise, and Josh met us there and walked us to our Section 202 seats, down the right field line.  We watched the Moorhead Middle School Orchestra perform the national anthem, and then the game was underway.  We ate walleye fingers!  We even got a welcome message on the scoreboard in the fifth inning, thanks to Josh!  I briefed Grandma on Ben Revere (she liked his size and speed) and Jim Thome (she was pleased to learn how nice he is).  

We watched eight innings of a game that was tight despite shaky starting pitching. Before that, Grandma was feeling the tension.  She told me that she had used up all of her slang words in her cheers, including "gosh."  If the game stayed close much longer, she said, her language could get really ugly.  The Orioles stretched their lead to five runs in the seventh, so I never got to hear that next level.

It was a fast game, and we were back on the interstate before I knew it. When we got back to Grandma's house, she brought out a bag of cookies and raisin bread (her specialties) plus an embroidered dishcloth for me.  Best of all, she revealed my annual pair of socks.  She knits the most wonderful, warm, cozy socks, and everyone in our family loves them.  The way the daylight is fading in my fair city, I know I'll be wearing them constantly soon.  This pair, unbeknownst to her, was in the colors of my alma mater!!  I was thrilled.

Attached to every pair is a card with care instructions, labeled in her handwriting, which I find exceptionally comforting.  It should be made into a font.

Finally, I noticed this wonderful sign driving through a town not far from her home.  As we head into the weekend, let's hear it for Andy and Celine!

Happy days.


  1. This sounds like such a great day, not to mention the fact that your Grandma is ADORABLE!!!

    PS. I totally tripped in the park on a run the other day and a biker stopped, got off his bike and ran over to me to ask if I was OK! So, so embarrassing!

  2. This post makes my heart and soul smile and relax. Can't wait to see you!