Sunday, November 4, 2012

The R&R weekend

The last few weekends have been unusually full: volunteering at Twin Cities Marathon, traveling to Montreal, running the Mankato Marathon and then running the Gray Ghost 5K in costume. October flew by!

Yesterday and today? Just a little bit more low-key: grilled cheese sandwiches (with bacon), a Broncos win, some reading, some crafties, and some cleaning. Add yesterday's Tennessee win (a nail-biter) to the list, and that makes a pretty good weekend in my book.

It's really starting to feel like late fall around here, with the holidays practically around the corner and the clocks being turned back today. (Insert my annual note about how nice the morning daylight is, but how very early the early sunset feels.) In the spirit of that seasonal transition, here are updates on how two October highlights are faring:

Still going strong: My pumpkin! In defense of a non-carved pumpkin: it definitely lasts longer than a carved pumpkin does.

No longer going strong: My puzzle. I dismantled it today! I felt a little bit sad. But what was I going to do with it? It was practically another piece of furniture in our living room.

Hey! I should stage Miles and Laurel's first giveaway! Actually, the puzzle is officially up for grabs, if anyone wants it. No pushing and shoving as you all get in line, please! (But really, I am serious about giving it away. Email me or comment if Friday's post sold you on this puzzle, okay?)

Happy Sunday to you all! Was your weekend calendar full, or all about leisure?

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