Thursday, November 8, 2012

101 in 1,001 update: October recap

Progress! October was a full month, with some good updates to the 101 in 1,001 project.

As usual, the array of links:

The whole list
Last month's update
Track my progress (roughly) via Google doc

Here were last month's goals:

#9 Run a race in costume - Yes, this happened! In case you missed the report, I was part of a superhero group at the Gray Ghost 5K in late October. My Robin costume worked well for running, with the possible exception that the mask got pretty toasty on my face by the end. (I can't fuss, though - I think Batman's mask was tougher to run in than my little eye mask.)

The planning process required more logistics this year because it was a group of four, not just me, but it was totally worth it. I also promise this is the last time for awhile that I'll reference this superhero adventure, because it feels like I talk about it every day here!

#26 Use my passport - Yes, I got it stamped! I went to Montreal for the first time in mid-October for work. I loved the chance to run in the city, especially in the Old Town historic district, with cobblestone streets that made the city - already infused with the French language - feel even more European.

#79 Complete a puzzle, jigsaw or crossword - I told you all about this last week, in so much more detail than you ever needed. It's crossed off the list!

#91 Make popovers - Yes. And the successful effort opened the door to many, many dozens of popovers in the future.

Begin #92 Read five classic books - No, I missed this one. The puzzle project may have been more consuming than I'd like to admit. I read a few books this month, but a classic was not among them. I do have a few in the queue on my Kindle, including some recommendations from friends and readers, so I know it's going to happen - just not in October.

I also completed #49 Volunteer at three events with the Powderhorn Empty Bowls event over the weekend with Lindsay. Looking back at the year, I did seek out more one-time volunteering opportunities because I had this goal on my list, but now three events in 1,001 days doesn't seem like as much of a stretch. I might have to consider a revision (or remember this for my next list).

Here are the updated totals:
28/101 items complete
17/101 items in progress

November is going to fly by with our trip to the Great Smoky Mountains and then Thanksgiving, so I'm not going to tackle too many new items this month. Two items, in fact, are near shoe-ins:

#32 See the Great Smoky Mountains - Ever since college, this part of the country has been at the top of my list to visit. I was supposed to visit the Smokies for a backpacking trip one spring break, but a spring snowstorm rerouted our group to Arkansas - a lovely, unforgettable trip just the same, but not the Smokies. I am so excited!

#28 Visit two new states - Tennessee is not new to me - Josh and I went to a wedding there a few years ago - although the eastern part of the state is new territory to me. I do expect to spend time in North Carolina and Georgia for the first time, though!

I can't believe I'm almost a full year into the 101 in 1,001 list! I can't even tell you how fun it has been for me so far. Anybody out there thinking about starting a list for the new year?

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  1. Have a great trip! My 101 in 1001 list is up in mid-December (I've currently completed 70 items and I anticipate completing around 75. Not bad, I guess, all things considered) and I'm currently working on the items for my next list! It feels harder to think of items the second time around.