Monday, August 19, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 33

It's Marvelous Monday! I'm starting the week feeling grateful for the great conversations and miles (and meals!) I had with friends and family on Saturday and Sunday.

1) I got to be in the same place with some dear running buddies, including one who I haven't run with in at least a couple of years who was in town for the week!

You like that camera shadow, don't you? The sunlight was spectacular on Saturday morning.

2) I got to see this little goofball model a new bandana, courtesy of my mom:

3) Over the weekend, Josh and I arranged a salsa extravaganza at our home. First, we harvested a bunch of cherry tomatoes and four poblano peppers from the garden:

Then we made two batches of salsa. I tried roasting tomatillos for the first time, with a batch from this week's CSA box. Actually, with the exception of some supplemental cilantro, every ingredient was from the CSA box or the garden! Triumph!

Anyway, the salsa recipe I used called for some white onion, cilantro, lime, a jalapeno pepper, plus the roasted tomatillos, all blended together. While I was assembling that, Josh was roasted the poblano peppers on the grill. He added that to onion, cilantro, and the cherry tomatoes, and blended those all together. We ate a lot of salsa.

4) I stalled on Pride and Prejudice a little bit earlier this month, but I experienced no fewer than three moments over the last week in which people referenced the book or asked me if I had read it. Obviously, I need to finish this book!

5) It's my brother's birthday week!

Also, our wedding is officially under a month away. I bought yogurt today with an expiration date that was several days after our wedding and could hardly believe it. We can't wait!

What's marvelous about the start of your week, Reader? What is your favorite kind of salsa? What were the highlights of your weekend?

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