Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The second harvest

After overnight rain earlier in the week, I visited the garden after work. I forgot to bring a bucket, so I grabbed an empty cardboard box that had previously held granola bars and ended up stuffing the box full of vegetables. There are rarely other people at the garden when I go, but of course this time there was another person who saw me march up to the garden with what appeared to be a box of granola bars in hand.

Here's the second official harvest - as you'll see, lighter on the green beans but way heavier on the cherry tomatoes!

I'm snapping these photos for archival purposes and am glad I'm doing it, because I already forgot what the first harvest looked like and am happy to compare the two:

I predict that cherry tomatoes and cucumbers are going to be the stars of Harvest #3. I would like to see that bowl full of cherry tomatoes!

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