Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This, right here

Every summer, around this time, there is a little turning point when I start to really appreciate the best parts of summer. (I'm pretty sure I wrote about this last year, actually.) This little realization stops me in my tracks, in a gentle way, and makes me say to myself, this, right here, is what I dream about in January. And then I go for a walk in the warm sun or sit on the grass, just because when the snow is flying, I'd love to do nothing more than that. I start to do little favors for my January self. It's a happy little moment: think savoring - not dreading.

I had that little feeling yesterday in the garden, when my hands smelled like basil and tomato plants and the warm late afternoon sun was shining. This is what I dream about in January.

What will you do this month as a favor to your January self?

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