Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve stroll

Last Thanksgiving, after I dropped Josh off at the airport for an early morning flight to Colorado, I took Wish for a stroll and we watched the sun rise. The neighborhood felt silent, and I loved starting the holiday with a walk like that.

I thought of last year's Thanksgiving walk today when I took Wish out for his Christmas Eve morning stroll. It was peaceful, but not as leisurely.

We bundled up and trotted around the quiet neighborhood for a few minutes (emphasis on few). The sun was rising this time, too, and there were beautiful pink streaks in the sky.

Wish was more interested in monitoring an approaching bus than watching the sun rise or posing for a Christmas Eve photo. Oh, well.

Cold as it was, I liked starting the day with a few quiet minutes and some fresh air with our pup.

Let the festivities begin! If you are celebrating this week, I hope you have a warm and wonderful holiday.

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