Monday, December 16, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 50

Week 50 is going to fly by! Here are some notes about the start of the week:

1) The very big highlight is that our friends welcomed a baby girl into the world late last week. We stopped by over the weekend to see the family, and I got to hold the two-day-old baby. We are so, so happy for them.

2) Everything else is small potatoes by comparison, but I am pleased that the rosemary plant I harvested from our outdoor garden seems to be doing okay inside and maybe even growing a little. (I didn't have high hopes.) The sage plant is looking a little bit wilted, but I'm crossing my fingers for it, too.

3) Josh was at the mall today and brought home a surprise present: new Tennessee hats! Yay!

4) I love holiday cards.

5) Tonight I walked through the living room and noticed, for the first time, the marvelous shadows my snowflakes were making on the ceiling. Whoa!

What's marvelous about the start of your week, Reader? Do you have any secrets about how to keep indoor herb gardens? Is there anyone else who plans to get a Christmas tree but hasn't yet?

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