Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Christmas lists

In honor of Throwback Thursday, I thought I'd share a few Christmas lists from years past.

First, from circa 1989-90:

I am most interested in what dolly surprise I was seeking.

Ahh! I just had a flash-hint of a memory, googled Dolly Surprise, and confirmed that a Dolly Surprise was indeed waiting for me under the tree. Does anyone else remember them? You'd raise one of Dolly Surprise's hands and her hair would grow, and then I think raising her other hand would make her hair get shorter. Yes!!

This one must have been in my early middle school years and is quite a bit more substantial:

As you can see, I was a serious fan of the Sweet Valley franchise. (But perish the thought that I might be gifted "Shipboard Wedding, the newest one"! I don't remember the premise of Shipboard Wedding, but it sounds wonderfully dramatic.)

Also, I had forgotten about mini-backpacks until I saw one on my list from that year. And I love that I was pining for a Readers Digest subscription, too.

I saved my favorite for last. It's not even mine - it's my sister's - and I've shared this on Miles and Laurel before. But I do believe that it's the ultimate wish list.


  1. omg we definitely have shipboard wedding, they go on a spring break cruise and it's DOOMED because elizabeth used her heiress money from psycho william white to buy the vacation for her friends. i can see why mom and dad bought it for us....?

  2. I absolutely died reading the middle school list! Miss you!