Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday report

Today... one day after one of my favorite Tennessee football players from last season got drafted by my hometown NFL team!!! You may know that my household is a Broncos one, not Vikings, but I am very excited. When Cordarrelle Patterson committed to UT last year, I could not have imagined that, one year later, he'd be coming to play in Minnesota. He is such fun to watch. (Speaking of, the new UT coaching team is doing work on the recruiting trail and I'm also very excited about that program's future.)

...the weekend forecast looks like this: therefore a day when I greatly look forward to my evening stroll with Wish. when I got the dreaded "three days left in your Kindle library loan" email regarding my temporary digital copy of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I am fascinated by the book but only something like 18 percent into it. Crunch time! when I get to try my wedding dress on for the first time since picking it out back in January!

...kicks off a weekend in which 1) I expect to look forward to running outside, 2) I might catch some outdoor baseball in the spring sun, 3) I'll see my friends for book club and 4) I get to have my family over for dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday earlier this month.

That's what's on my mind this morning. What're you thinking about for the days ahead? Will you be spending time outside this weekend?

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  1. Henrietta Lacks is SO interesting. I am so not a science person, but I was absolutely captivated by it. (I was going to offer to lend you my Kindle copy when your library loan is up - but apparently lending is not available for that title. Lame!)