Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We begin with blossoms

I went to Washington expecting to see lots and lots of cherry blossoms. Because of the chilly spring, the predicted peak for the weekend was already relatively late, but it turned out to be even later. The photos that follow will tell a different story, but there were many trees that hadn't bloomed yet. (I would love to be in the city today, because it must be magnificent!)

Luckily, though, there were trees that had bloomed, and they were tremendously lovely. What's more: cherry trees weren't the only blooming trees in town. There were magnolias and all kinds of other flowering trees, and it brought the springtime spirit like few neighborhoods I've ever seen. I was loving it.

There's lots more to discuss, but for now, we're going into the scrapbook category of blogging. I bring you 10 of my favorite blossom photos, in no particular order. I can practically smell them now.

With ice and snow on the way in Minnesota, I could think about these blossoms all day.

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