Monday, April 1, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 13

A quick Marvelous Monday to begin the week:

1) Some truly marvelous time with my family this weekend: Easter brunch at my parents' house, then dinner at my grandma's.

The weather report: chilly with bright sun:

I will tell you more about the festivities at my parents' house later this week, because they include a major, beloved family tradition that might take up more space than a regular Marvelous Monday tidbit (and also I need some photos from my mom).

2) This guy had a ball yesterday. He might have gotten an Easter basket. I told you, more on this soon.

He adores my sister, in case this isn't obvious.

3) It's finally travel week! I'm heading to D.C. soon!

4) Josh cooked dinner in our cast iron skillet over the weekend. I had been avoiding it since a distant skillet-too-hot fiasco, but now I am very excited (and determined) to get more comfortable with this genre of cooking.

5) Last but not at all least, it's Opening Day! Go Twins! I'll be cheering (and bundled up).

How was your weekend? Are you a cast iron fan, and if so, what's your favorite meal to cook in it? Are you catching any baseball this month?

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  1. We use our cast iron all the time. Basically, it is our version of a no-stick. It's all about not cleaning it very well so it is well seasoned. Check out this link:

    We use it for sauteing veggies, meat, making tacos, pasta name it.