Monday, April 22, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 16

Well, it's Monday evening and the snow is flying, and by the time it's done tomorrow morning, there will be three or six or eight or ten inches on the ground, depending on whose forecast you believe. But...

1) the weekend it might be 70 degrees!

Four other marvelous tidbits:

2) Josh and I did major spring cleaning around the house yesterday. Our home is ready for spring.

3) In said spring cleaning, I unearthed an ancient digital clock/thermometer that has needed batteries for years. (Like, maybe upwards of 10 years.) Next to it in the random storage box? Two brand new AAA batteries. Voila! Now I can always know what the temperature is inside the home!!

4) These guys found their way into my cart at the grocery store and are cheering up the house right now:

5) Yeep. I nearly forgot. I have my first wedding dress try-on on Friday!

Your turn! What's nice about the start of your week? Is it spring where you are, or are you watching the snow fly?

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