Monday, April 15, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 15

Yesterday's inclement weather motivated me to hibernate for the bulk of the day and thus set me up to start the week feeling recharged and rested. We also took a family self-portrait:

Wish looks more dismayed than he actually is, although he didn't know at that time that we had postponed his "spa day" (trip to get his nails clipped and paw fur trimmed) because of the weather. I hope that will happen tonight.

Onward with Marvelous Monday!

1) Last week, I posted about one set of friends expecting their baby to arrive shortly. It turned out that, in the last week, two sets of friends welcomed sweet baby boys, thanks to one's early arrival. I'm so happy for both sets of new parents and their families and so excited to meet the babies.

2) I finally, finally signed up for a Spanish class, and it begins this week. Yeep. I am nervous, but it's time to start slowly getting back up to speed with this language.

3) I'm devouring (ha!) Julia Child's memoir My Life in France. My most recent read, Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things, was exquisite and extraordinary and I'm hoping to pull together a separate post with some of my takeaways. By contrast, My Life in France is a lighter read, but a marvelous change in pace, especially if you like to picture the narrative in Julia Child's voice, which I do. It's also fascinating to consider that all of this culinary icon's passion for France and French cooking (really, cooking in general) didn't develop until she was nearly 40. Her joy for all of it really comes through and the level of detail is great, thanks in part to drawing on tons of letters that Paul and Julia exchanged with friends and family. (I love letters.) She also concludes some passages with one-word summary exclamations, like "Woe!" and "Marvelous!" and "Yum!" which I also love and might have to start doing more at M&L.

4) It's Boston Marathon Day! For several years (I originally typed "for much of my adult life" but felt silly about that), qualifying for the Boston Marathon was a huge goal for me. It hasn't happened yet and it's definitely not the focus of my running right now (though maybe it will be again someday). Regardless, I still always get a few chills on this day on behalf of thousands of people getting to run this race. So many people have worked so hard to qualify, and I can't imagine the thrill of being on that start line.

5) It's my dear mom's birthday this week. We're not celebrating all together until later in the month, but she deserves a full month of celebrating. That's how wonderful she is.

What's marvelous in your world today, Reader? Anything new on your reading list? Do you speak a second language? And if you live in Minnesota, were you out and about yesterday or were you cozy indoors? Do share!

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