Monday, October 7, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 40

How did it get to be the 40th week of 2013?

1) To follow up yesterday's post about the finish line: I think these photos from a Pioneer Press photographer explain, better than I ever could, about why I love a marathon finish line.

2) Lunch run today! The sky was a super-deep blue and the leaves were lovely.

3) Speaking of leaves: I'm in the preliminary steps of a craft project involving leaves. Yesterday after the marathon I had fun puttering with my collection, much to Wish's utter dismay:

4) Josh made sirloin, bacon and black bean chili yesterday, and the leftovers tonight were equally marvelous.

5) It's playoff baseball time and that will never fail to be marvelous to me.

What's marvelous about the start of your week, Reader? Please share!

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