Monday, October 21, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 42

Today it snowed a little bit.

And in more fun news, here's my mom, my grandma and me at my cousin's wedding on Saturday!

Five marvelous tidbits to begin the week:

1) There's a grocery store called Kowalski's with a few locations around the Twin Cities, and whenever I go to their deli, I always look for their lasagna soup. I love it. Over the weekend, I found the recipe and tonight I cooked it for my brother and sister. You know a recipe that concludes with instructions to "stir in ricotta and top with mozzarella" can't go too wrong.

2) Another soup report: While Josh was doing all of the torta prep yesterday, I slung a bunch of vegetables and spices into the crockpot and it turned into vegetarian chili with sweet potatoes. Last night I wasn't sure about how it smelled, but it was just the ticket today at lunch after a chilly run. From September through April, I could eat soup every day.

3) Speaking of: I ran four miles today and scurried a little faster than usual because it was cold!!

4) I finally visited our garden plot, which has been neglected for the last few weeks. (The cold nights lately appear to have not been kind to my plants.) I am happy to report that the rosemary and sage are still going surprisingly strong, and much to my delight, I found these kind of cute and kind of homely little things!

5) And finally, later in the evening, this happened:

Hope your week is starting out well, Reader!

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