Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More pumpkins

Oh yes, we carved again!

For the last few years, two of our friends have hosted a pumpkin-carving party at their home. They pull two tables together, the living room and dining room fills up with people, soup is served and there's usually a World Series game on in the background while people carve. These friends had a baby five weeks ago - the sweetest little baby - and so Josh and I just assumed the pumpkin party was on break for a year. Then notification rolled in: the party was on!

Josh and I picked up our pumpkins en route to the party. He had a plan to work on a Tennessee "T" and I had no plan at all. We arrived and spent some time with all the wonderful babies in their Halloween costumes. (The pumpkin party's average age has definitely dropped since the first pumpkin party, and I love it!)

Then we headed over to see what was happening at the carving station. Josh traced his T from a print-out, a controversial move at this party, where there is a stencil division in the overall contest:

Close up:

The squares are meant to echo the checkerboard endzone at the University of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium. Carving them all out would be pretty intense, so Josh brought along his drill.

I'm not kidding.

He drilled holes through each box he planned to cut, and then squared off the edges.

It looked neat even before the candle went in:

Anyway, what was I doing while he was crafting the T? I was stumped for awhile.

When in doubt, go for a grin, yeah?

When all of us were done (I promise there were more people than just Josh and me - I just like to know that friends are totally on board before I post their photos!), we arranged our pumpkins for the reveal. I am always impressed with the designs that get churned out. Here are a few, in the light:

And then the lights went out!

I have a soft spot for the one on the far right, which is an absolutely gigantic pumpkin with a carving design that reminds me of "Where the Wild Things Are" for some reason. I love them all, actually.

One more look at our work:

Thanks to our fabulous hosts (and the rest of our friends) for a fun party, and happy almost-Halloween!

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