Friday, May 23, 2014

101 in 1,001 update

With just over three months to go, I'm making some more progress on my 101 in 1,001 list. I'm starting to get close to finishing a full section (my list is divided into different categories) but I have no idea what one is going to get closed first. I'm so curious!

Also, I recruited cartwheel help last weekend (that's goal #6) from a former gymnast. I will revisit our conversation later in the summer. She makes it sound feasible!

Here's what I wrapped up recently:

#46 Eat or shop at 10 (new to me) local businesses in Minneapolis. Turns out that I prioritized the "eat" part of this goal: all 10 places I recorded were restaurants. I liked having a reminder to branch out from my St. Paul favorites. This month I checked off my tenth restaurant with a visit to World Street Kitchen on Lyndale. I had the Bangkok Burrito (red curry with chicken) and it was incredible. (The other nine: Pizzeria Lola, Nami, Anchor Fish & Chips, Red Stag Supper Club, 5-8 Club, Parkway Pizza, Sonora Grill, Cafe Lurcat and Al Vento.)

#53 Put change in someone's expired parking meter. This was fun!

#16 Go to a drive-in movie theater. We finally did this last night! I didn't realize when I set this goal how scarce drive-in movie theaters had become in Minnesota, but it turns out that Vali-Hi theater is just off the interstate and a quick 15 minutes east of St. Paul. We were there primarily for "Neighbors," the middle movie of the triple bill, but we arrived in time to get situated before the first movie started around 9:00.

The lot really filled up by the end of the first movie, and it seemed like most people watched from inside their cars (like we did), though some brought camping chairs or sat in the back of their trucks. We bought popcorn for $1 (twice) and kicked back on a pretty spring night to watch some movies. Going to the drive-in was a fun and novel outing, and I am both amazed that we stayed til 1 a.m. and fiercely curious about how many people stayed for the third movie, which presumably got started around 1:15. (My husband and I did bring up the median age, from what I could tell.)

#47 Volunteer at six races. I wrapped up this goal on Sunday by volunteering at packet pick-up at the City of Lakes Loppet Foundation's Salomon City Trail Loppet. The race, which had 10 mile and 10K options, started in Robbinsdale and then meandered, mostly on trails, all the way down to the finish line at the Walker Art Center's Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis. Pretty neat place for a finish area, no?

Because of my year-round volunteer role with Twin Cities in Motion, I'm on site at nearly all of TCM's events, but I decided to focus on non-TCM races for this goal for more of a stretch. That made it more ambitious, but I learned a lot and enjoyed supporting other events in this great running community.

#52 Register to be a bone marrow donor. I first donated blood in high school and have been intending to join the bone marrow donor registry since before I made the 101 in 1,001 list. I wish I would have done it ages ago, but I finally registered to be a bone marrow donor last month. Please ask me if you have any Qs about either process.

And one I am attempting:

#100 Read 30 minutes per day for two weeks. I set this goal to make sure I was prioritizing how much I enjoy reading. I thought I read a lot, but this one is trickier than I expected, mostly because I've been reading at night and falling asleep minutes into my designated half-hour. I've been waking up earlier in the mornings thanks to the earlier sunrise, and I think I'm going to become a morning reader (besides or instead of my magazines over breakfast) for this goal. I'm three days in.

That's 65/101 complete and 9/101 in progress. A few are not likely to be completed, but 36 items left on the list isn't as daunting as it sounds. There are a few left in each category, with several delightful summer-specific goals. I'm looking forward to the last three full months of my first 101 in 1,001 list.

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