Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Two years with Wish

On this date two years ago, we met Wish!

I actually forgot what specific date we adopted him from the dog rescue organization and had to look back through Facebook photos to figure it out. Then I was chuffed to realize that it was May 13, which (retroactively?) continues (starts?) our series of special events that fall on the 13th (including the days Josh and I got engaged and married).

Sometimes we talk about the Sunday afternoon when we drove to pick him up and the first time he ran around inside our house. We didn't expect to adopt him that day and actually had to stop at a pet supply store on the way home. In the two years since, I have learned that I love so many things about life with Wish: his million odd nicknames (and I do mean "million odd," not "million-odd"), his affinity for carrots, and how he pounces to catch a ball always a half-beat too early. If I didn't believe the power of a nice long walk two years ago, I do now. And I love his grin:

I love how he goes wild when I get home from work (and especially when he hears the key turns in the door to indicate that Josh is home). He adores Josh.

We have completed two obedience training classes with Wish, and while he likely won't ever be the life of a big party, it is so sweet to see his progress. I love what he has taught me about patience. I love when we are working on training and he reacts the way we want him to act, in a situation that used to scare him. And it cracks me up - he has been doing this a lot lately - when he pretends a challenge is tougher than it really is and looks up at me in a charming and kind of hammy way to make sure I've seen his good behavior and treat him accordingly. The face looks like this:

And he makes us laugh - a lot. I could never have imagined how much joy he brings to our little family. My heart is fuller because of this pup. Happy "birthday," little Wish.

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  1. I love this post so much! Happy Birthday, Wish!