Monday, May 12, 2014


This month we got the great news, via a test result, that Josh's mom's initial treatment worked exactly as intended and hoped. After several weeks in the hospital, she was able to leave the hospital for just over a week before heading back in today, as scheduled, for the next round of treatment. While she still must continue additional treatment over the next several months, this test result was a huge relief. Josh and I have felt so much kindness and support from our friends and family, and we continue to appreciate it so much.

Some more notes about what has been happening lately:

1) We hosted my mom, dad, brother, sister, and sister's boyfriend for Mother's Day brunch yesterday. After a minor fiasco that involved a crust sailing across the kitchen counter during a practice run earlier in the week, the quiche turned out better yesterday and we enjoyed the meal and a walk around the neighborhood.

2) The weekend also included a fun night out to the American Swedish Institute's "Cocktails at the Castle" event. (This is where Sara and I saw the papercutting exhibit, which closes later this month.) It was a cool but not rainy evening, and it was so refreshing to be at an event where people were spending time outdoors but not completely bundled up.

3) I played in my first softball game since 1998 last week. My team is such a fun group of women, and I am glad I joined. I made mistakes in the outfield but am still on the email list for this week's game.

4) Out of nowhere yesterday, Josh asked me if I knew how to use the panorama function on my camera phone and then taught me how to do it. I am pretty excited about it. In addition to my usual photos of flowers, clouds, sunrises and sunsets, I will now be able to share panoramic photos of these subjects.

For example, the same tulips from over the weekend!

I hope your week is starting out well, Reader.

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