Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our weekly spring update

It feels like spring rolled into town full force this week, with warmer temperatures, plentiful sunshine and lots of leaves. I was deleting some leaf photos from my phone (if you can believe it, there are many more leaf photos that don't end up on the blog) and even as I poked fun at myself for the quantity, I also liked seeing the progression in the last several weeks.

So I'm happy to keep tracking that progress!

One example:

Another example, from a gorgeous midweek late afternoon walk:

It also seemed like candles popped out this week - a little later in the season than when I first noticed them a few years back, but marvelous just the same. (Candles are the little bright green extensions when pine trees grow each year - so named because they really look like candles.)

The dandelions are also in full force:

With lots of sunshine this week, I liked peeking up at the new leaves.

And of course, a return trip later in the week to the lilac tunnel, now in nearly full bloom:

I love the spring layers:

After a long winter, springtime in Minnesota is truly something to behold.

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