Friday, May 2, 2014

The latest things

Lest the title confuse you, this post is not at all about new-to-the-world trends. It's just a regular old Miles and Laurel update on my latest...

Book: I am reading Bill Bryson's One Summer: America, 1927 and am fascinated by it. It details all of the factors and storylines at play that make 1927 a pivotal year in American history. I'm not even halfway through yet, and I've already learned a lot about aviation, baseball, Prohibition and the rise of the automobile. I also learned that Calvin Coolidge had a beloved pet raccoon named Rebecca.

Team sport: I have joined a softball team. Our first game was scheduled for this week but the rain thwarted those plans. I haven't actually played on a softball team since eighth grade (my grandma laughed and laughed when I told her this update) and am a little bit nervous. Mostly, though, I am excited because it will be one set evening each week where I'll be outside with friends who I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Wall update: Our household recently purchased a Minnesota Historical Society membership, and a recent mailing caught my eye. I liked the travel map so much that I wanted to add it to our gallery wall, which features some of our favorite places. On one rainy day this week, I shuffled some frames around, then shuffled some more, and then Josh and I set up the new nails (including some very high ones) to make room for a new vertical piece. See it?

The two biggest images, the Minnesota map and the old Twin Cities Marathon poster toward the left edge of the wall, both incorporate that pretty, vibrant red color. I like how they play off each other.

Salad discovery: I have a couple of friends who are so good at whipping up beautiful salads. I do not have this skill yet. But recently I did discover a game-changing recipe for healthy green goddess dressing from A Couple Cooks via Em for Marvelous. (I just made the dressing for the second time and realized I completely accidentally omitted the olive oil the first time around, so it's good with or without it.)

Craft: I'm finishing up a little makeshift cover for my Kindle. One of the earliest steps, courtesy of some leftover scraps of quilting batting:

May project: This week I attended the first meeting of the year for our community garden group, and despite this week's gray skies and rain clouds, it's time to start brainstorming about this year's garden plan.

What projects are coming up this month for you?

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