Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A few weeks of fall (so far)

Reader, I was running along the Mississippi River today, and the sun was shining over purple clouds against the fall colors along the riverbanks. It was so lovely and, of course, I'd left my camera at home because I was doing intervals along the river. (My last set of intervals before the marathon! I feel like it's officially taper time now.) Anyway, taking photos of clouds is not part of most speedwork regimens. Instead, I will look back at a brief autumn recap so far:

A pink sunset:

Green leaves:

Yellow leaves!

Orange leaves! (Are you sensing a pattern yet?)

The sumac is less Fruit Stripe Gum now and more uniform. And yes: red leaves!

My favorite part of this picture is the shadows on the river, with the St. Paul skyline way off in the horizon:

And this one must be the remnants of a bridge, but it looked like cinnamon sticks from way up high:

Much of the past few days (and upcoming days, if the forecast is any indication) have been gray and blustery, so it pleases me to look at the blue skies in most of these photos. What's the weather like where you are, Reader? And even more importantly: have the leaves peaked?


  1. Leaves have definently peaked and most of them are on the ground, this morning they talked about the awesome northern light and how visible they were on Tuesday night, too bad the clouds have returned. You could check off something on your list. Maybe you should add to take advantge of the great local schools theatre depts and see some awesome plays and great prices and support the arts.

    1. Rosie, good call on the theatre suggestion! I will definitely check into that. I heard about the possibility of northern lights earlier in the week, but I think it's just too bright where I am too see them. (Boo!) I think I need to head up north this winter...