Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marvelous midweek: Week 43

You like what I did there? Because of all that marathon recap business, I had to push Marvelous Monday to Marvelous Midweek. Better late than never!

1) Well, there is one more Marvelous Monday left before Halloween, but I can't wait another day to tell you about my sweet dog's Halloween costume(s). This is obviously Wish's first Halloween with us, and I am (obviously) very excited about it. (And to his credit, he is good-natured about it.)

Costume 1: The Sheriff:

His enthusiasm is palpable, no?

This one is even better, and he is even more pleased with it: Superman!

Actually, he is most pleased about the red cape - which, if time and craftiness and sewing ability will allow, may come into play in a third costume yet this week. Natty pointed out today that I once laughed at a box labeled "Dog and People Costumes" at her house. Well...I'm there now. I get it.

2) Nail polish. I can't believe I forgot to note this in the marathon report! As I've written about before, I like to paint my nails in fun ways for races, and glitter is a fast path to fun, right? Well, I've accumulated what seems like a zillion bottles of cheapo glitter nail polish that just take forever (read: like, five coats) to actually develop a nice coat of glitter, which would then feel like about an inch of polish piled up on each nail. (Gross.) This time around, I sprung for a nicer polish (Essie), did one coat of blue polish underneath and either one or two coats of glitter, and this is the result:

I loved it. This ends my nail polish ramblings. Carry on.

3) People costumes: I am coordinating some costumes (for humans, not dogs) for an event this weekend. More details will be revealed later, but I am very much enjoying the process. Just one hint:

4) Reading report: I started The Tiger's Wife in Montreal and finished it on Monday right before my Kindle library loan expired. This book got a ton of acclaim when it was released last year, and I thought it lived up to the buzz - especially in terms of the level of rich detail in each of the storylines woven together. (Here's an NPR review that does a better job of explaining it than I did.) Also, author Tea Obreht was only 25 when it was published.

Next up? I borrowed The Story of Edgar Sawtelle from my mom, so unless I try to squeeze in another Kindle loan before it expires, that'll be the one.

5) Puzzles. Puzzles! I have a 101 in 1,001 goal of finishing a puzzle - jigsaw or crossword - and it felt right to begin a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle this week to coincide with post-marathon R&R. I spread out the whole project on my coffee table and am having the best time chipping away at this darn puzzle. Puzzles are no joke. Josh is bemused by this new project and Wish tries over and over to show me that he could not think of anything more boring in the entire world.

Okay, it's your turn! What are you reading? Do you have a Halloween costume in mind, and do you love puzzles or hate them?

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  1. Moving across country, as you can imagine, is a great (and forced) opportunity to think critically about which belongings are necessary and which can be donated. So, as you might guess, when we arrived in DC and were unpacking the car, the "Dog and People Costumes" box made the cut. Mind you, I donated half my wardrobe before our move, and Guinness got to keep his. I've learned my place...