Friday, October 19, 2012

A pleasant tomorrow

Watch out, everyone!

Warning! Per my beloved Accuweather: It's going to be pleasant tomorrow!

Beware that little orange triangle!

Yes, that approximate weather pattern continues through the weekend, which means I am thrilled, thrilled about Sunday's forecast. (Just to be clear: that is not sarcasm, in case you were mistaking me for a runner who doesn't like to run in cool weather.)

Today I shopped: for dinner and snacks, for Gatorade, for nail polish, for the Gu gels I'll gobble during Sunday's race. I sense a closet reorganization looming on the horizon, so I had also planned to drop off all of my old running shoes that have been piling up at home. (There are different ways to reuse or recycle them, and some running shops are collection sites for old shoes.) I didn't realize how out-of-control the pile had gotten.

I think I've got two marathons represented in that pile, not counting this weekend's. Anyway, the store where I bought my gels no longer accepts old shoes, so the darn pile got lugged back home!

Tomorrow will be an easy jog before heading to my parents' house to deliver Wish for the evening (someone over there might have been referring to it as Grandparents Weekend for weeks) and then down to Mankato. Do you think there's any chance the Tennessee football team can stage a major upset against top-ranked Alabama on Saturday night for some pre-race excitement? Well, I do!

Also, I bought Wish a sheriff's costume and it went over fairly well, until he tried to eat the holster off his vest.

Happy weekend to you, Reader!


  1. Good luck Rebecca! You go girl!!!!

    1. Thank you, Moll! Thought of you often today out on the course!