Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Wish was doing

This weekend was a big one in our household not just because of the Mankato trip. It was also Wish's first night away from us! (Cue the sad violins!) My mom joyfully/graciously agreed to host him for the weekend, which is also great because it was a chance for him to get used to spending time at my parents' home, since he'll be spending a week there in November when Josh and I go on vacation. (Thank you, Mom and Dad!!)

But I couldn't help but wonder: How would he adjust? Would he eat? Would he be confused?

Unsurprisingly, my gentle worries were wholly unwarranted. He had the time of his life. He was doing that dog-grin as soon as he got out of the car!

Mom and Wish played fetch with his beloved squeaky football all over the house and went for a three-mile walk in the woods on Sunday morning.

He even let Mom back-comb the little mullet behind his ears.

When I got back home, I opened my email and saw that the weekend had been well-documented photographically (to the tune of 37 pictures in my inbox!!). He got to lounge in the bed...

And try on a kilt...

And model not one but two hats! This bee hat (and his expression in it) is my very favorite.

When we got back to St. Paul, he was sulking in our hallway and it was clear that he had just realized that we are not nearly as fun as his grandmama. I can't even imagine the mischief (or the hats) they'll get into when he stays with Mom and Dad for a full week.


  1. Basically, I love everything about this. Hmmm, 37 pictures you say...apple doesn't fall far...-sara

    1. Yes, that "37 pictures" tidbit was for you!!