Monday, October 15, 2012

Marvelous Monday: Week 42

I'm going to make this one snappy, Reader, because I have fussy Internet and terrible iPad typing skills! (Read: I could turn 29 before this post is done.)

Luckily, it is a week packed with Marvelous, because I'm indeed at the conference in Montreal! It's a fascinating city and I will elaborate much more once I get back home.

1) Being in Montreal is so exciting that I keep forgetting it's marathon week! My race is on Sunday, and it has been pretty nice to be exploring a new city instead of checking the weather over and over. I am feeling happy and ready for the start line, with only a few miles left to go before we head to Mankato.

2) I did get to run this morning, and if you've ever read this blog before, you know how thrilling I find running in a new city. (Seriously, "thrilling" is no exaggeration.) It was gray and rainy until this morning, and it was great to start the day with a run under blue skies - not to mention getting a better understanding of the city's geography.

3) Book report: Finished "Swamplandia!" It felt like there was an interesting pace to the action and plot that made it often feel like I was further in the book than I actually was, but by the time the twists  and tuns added up, I was glad I had stuck with it. 'Bout to start either "Life of Pi" or "The Tiger's Wife."

4) I tried something at a creperie yesterday (which my iPad autocorrects to "creep ride"!!!) with an English translation of "baked vegetable soup." This turned out to be a little pot of vegetable soup, with pieces of crusty bread and then a fab layer of cheese on top, baked until the cheese spilled down the sides of the pot and formed a sturdy little layer to chop through with your spoon. Best thing ever for a rainy afternoon.

5) I got a text from my brother this afternoon that he'd had a dream that Wish had taken a job delivering newspapers.

If that's not an item to end with, I'm not sure what is! Good night!


  1. a) You have an ipad??
    b) I wish I had Phil's dreams


    1. a) just on loan for the trip!
      b) RIGHT?!