Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Lake Harriet jaunt

Hi, Reader! Ellie is visiting Minnesota this weekend (coinciding with Emily being back in the Twin Cities for awhile, too), so I've spent the last couple of days around town with these two dear friends from college. Yesterday was beautiful. We had brunch, strolled around the neighborhood, and sat on a patio - and we capped off the day with Josh waking up the grill for the year and cooking us dinner.

Today is cold and windy, but the goal was to run around at least one of the lakes, and we did it!

Here's one side of Lake Harriet. Placid and peaceful, no?

We thought we had started the loop going into the wind, but it wasn't until about halfway around the lake that we realized what into the wind really felt like. Check out the whitecaps!

In the last mile, it became Photo Time. First, Emily and Ellie running:

Then Ellie and me:

Then we tried to take a group photo, and a man came up and volunteered to take our photo. Nice!

(We did not plan our outfits, I swear.)

We wandered over to shore to look at some ducks. Emily got in the tree.

With the wind at my back, I decided it turned out to be a pretty beautiful morning after all.

And then it started to snow - how does this keep happening? and we scurried back to Dunn Brothers for some coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and a scone.

Runs with these friends, let alone three of us on the same run, happen once every couple of years, and I am grateful for the miles we get to run together.


  1. I was there in spirit; I swear!!!! Love you three desperately <3. xoxo Natty

  2. What a great way to spend quality time with friends.