Monday, May 20, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 20

How 'bout that? The 20th Monday of the year falls on May 20. Nice!

Here we go:

1) Of course, I couldn't start the day's post without noting that it's my dear dad's birthday today. We were up north on Saturday to celebrate, and he had his lemon meringue pie, a tradition that started with his mom and one that my mom has carried on ever since I could remember:

I hope he's having a marvelous birthday!

2) With the summer racing season around the corner, I tried the novel concept of a little bit of speedwork today. I haven't really done any in ages, so I'll have to build up gradually. I did 10 sets of one minute hard and one minute easy, plus a warm-up and cool-down. It's one of my favorite easing-into-intervals workouts, because you still get a total of 20 minutes of quality speedwork, but it's not too arduous for an early-season effort.

3) Today on my drive to work I noticed that the leaves on the trees were out practically in full force. I don't think they were out at all on Friday. It is really lovely to walk around the neighborhood with leaves above you. There are also tons of tulips blooming. Spring is late, but it is here.

4) On a related note, I smelled a lilac plant before I could see it today, which is another very marvelous marker of spring.

5) Last night I branched out beyond chicken and tried grilling turkey burgers for the first time. It went about 75 percent well, and by that I mean that three burgers were very tasty and one fell between the grill grates and was lost.

There you have it. Is spring in full bloom where you are? What should I try grilling next? If you're a runner, do you have any races on the calendar?

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