Thursday, May 2, 2013

Three things Thursday

1) I ran today! Four miles. It was brisk and not quite May-like, but I wasn't complaining. Last night's snowstorm tracked away from my neck of the woods, and some neighbors just an hour south of here woke up to 15 inches of fresh snow. I have been going to yoga more than running lately, so it felt good to trot around the neighborhood and catch up with my podcasts.

2) My community ed Spanish class is a hoot and I love it. And it's really helpful! I kind of wish my blog was sponsored by community ed and I had to constantly keep enrolling in classes to keep my sponsorship.

3) Wish was under the weather last night and this morning but seems to be on the mend now. Luckily, like me, he also feels rejuvenated by watching "Hart of Dixie."

I think some progress was made tonight, because he's sitting next to the green exercise ball that usually frightens him because it drifts around the house and he thinks it's alive.

P.S. Seven days til Ellie comes to Minnesota!!!

P.P.S. Happy Thursday to you!


  1. The green exercise ball and interpretation of WHY it frightens Wish just cracked me up!! -SJ

    (as did the hart of dixie comment)