Sunday, May 5, 2013

The sticker project

Do you ever discover something for yourself and wonder if the whole world is already well-versed in this topic, Reader? (Obviously, I do.)

Josh and I recently got a desk from my aunt that originally belonged to my great-grandparents. Besides the sentimental value, we're excited because it has drawers (eight of them!) in contrast to our old desk, which had zero and was also falling apart. I think it was Josh who suggested offhand that we should get some contact paper to protect the drawers.

Huh. Contact paper.

I knew what it was. I mean, we have kitchen drawers lined with the stuff, but I didn't pick it out and have never actually thought of buying contact paper. It turns out, based on an Amazon search, that there are oodles of colors and patterns available for a few dollars. Oooh.

And then it turned out to be so easy to apply that it felt like the days of my youth spend playing with stickers. "This is the most fun home improvement project ever!" I crowed to Josh.

Don't be surprised if you come over to our home and entire surfaces are covered in this contact paper.

The only problem now is that I keep purposely leaving the drawers cracked open so I see the little flowers.

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