Tuesday, May 28, 2013

To begin

Hello, Reader! (I accidentally typed a question mark instead of an exclamation point at first. I'm not sure what that means, but I almost left it just for fun.)

I'm kicking off the workweek at Miles and Laurel with a list of nice tidbits. It may sound a lot like the traditional Marvelous Monday to you, but I can't quite call it that because, well, it's Tuesday.

1) It was a gray and rainy weekend, but I took the unofficial start of summer as a cue to swap my winter wardrobe for the boxes of summer stuff in the closet. I also reshuffled some of our closets based on how we use them, and you guys know I love doing that. My crafts are organized much better now!

2) I tried my first Juicy Lucy yesterday and I can't believe it took me 29 years as a Minnesota resident to do it. It's a cheeseburger with cheese in the middle, inside the patty, instead of on top of it. Two Minneapolis restaurants claim to have invented this phenomenon, and we went to one of them, the 5-8 Club. YUM. (My first visit to the 5-8 Club reminds me that I'm way overdue for a 101 in 1,001 update! This week, friends!)

3) I picked up a bunch of seed packets yesterday, and once the ground dries up a little bit, I'm heading over to my garden plot to get this summer's crop started.

4) The weather made it easy to spend some time on the couch with the new "Arrested Development" episodes, and we quite liked the new stories about the beloved Bluth family (especially my favorite, Buster).

5) It didn't rain all weekend, though, and 60 degrees or so is a pretty nice temperature for strolling. I went on a bunch of nice walks this weekend: with a friend, with Wish, with Josh. I love to walk in the springtime.

This week, I'm fixin' to get over to the library, since I haven't gotten into good fiction lately, and all of the summer book lists are catching my eye. What are you up to? Are you an "Arrested Development" fan? Is your garden all planted? And finally, do you have an opinion on the Juicy Lucy? Do tell.

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