Thursday, June 27, 2013

A very beloved part of summer

What would the visual equivalent be to the phrase "music to one's ears"?

"A sight for sore eyes"? That doesn't feel quite right, as my eyes weren't actually sore (literally or figuratively) when I saw what I saw this evening.

Well, I'll tell you what happened and we can figure out the correct expression later. Tonight I skimmed through my CSA newsletter and saw these words:

"[The strawberries] are coming on like gangbusters and you will be getting at least three pints of strawberries in your box this week."

I squealed. (This is a fair place to note that I was home alone and Wish did not understand the fuss.) Three pints of strawberries?!

I opened the box, and under the broccoli, garlic scapes, lettuce and more nice things, there was one little pint. And then another - and another and another. Four!?

Today was a gorgeous day in Minnesota, with a huge bright blue sky that I loved, but I have to say that these strawberries were the most beautiful thing I saw today.

And even better: the newsletter urged us to eat them pronto, because they won't keep long. Consider it done!

What a happy Thursday present.

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